Our Facilities and Grounds

Woodland Camp offers camping in a variety of ways. Whether you enjoy traditional tent camping or prefer the amenities our cabins have to offer, you will be able to find the best fit for you.

Our cabins are equipped with heating and air conditioning, bathrooms in each unit, and individual keys to allow for optimal security and privacy. We are able to offer 18 cabins with a total of 36 beds.

Separate community bathrooms for males and females are also present on the premises.

All our buildings as well as the campground itself is handicap and wheelchair accessible.

The dinner bell loved by big and small. Everyone will gather around the dining table once they hear the unmistakable sound.

The main building hosts a large commercial kitchen complete with a spacious serving counter to accommodate most meals. The joined dining room stocked with ample seating will make mealtime as comfortable and easy as possible.

The large indoor space also hosts a worship center and a large open area for groups to meet and come together.

The heart of our campground is ready to welcome you and your group with a large fire pit, picnic tables, open areas for games, and plenty of nature.

All major buildings/facilities are in close proximity as well as the designated parking ares.

Reminders of What and Who is most important can be found throughout the grounds.

Trails are maintained and ready to be explored. Enjoy the beauty of creation with a relaxing or more challenging hike of your choosing.

Woodland Camp is happy to provide for all of your campfire needs. It is our hope to kindle the fire, fan into the flame, and keep the fire burning.

Shaded basketball courts (balls are provided).

Shaded volleyball court (balls are provided).

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